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 L2dodge [Freya PvP Server]

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Fecha de inscripción : 24/05/2013

MensajeTema: L2dodge [Freya PvP Server]   Vie Mayo 24, 2013 11:58 am

[size=18pt]Basic Informations[/size]

Experience Rate: x2000
Skill Points Rate: x2000
Adena Rate: x2000
Drop Rate: x1
Quest Rate: x1
Knight's Epaulette Drop Chance: 100%

Full Freya Client Geodata & Pathnode
Removed Herbs
Augment Skills Working (Active/Passive 7.5%)
Unstuck Interval: 25 Seconds
Sieges & Territory Wars (Every 2 Weeks)
Fixed Macro System
Excellent Economy & Balance System
Weight & Death Penalty Removed
Certifications Without Quest
Buff Duration: 3 Hours
Custom Tutorial Class Manager
Castle/Fortress Fame Removed
All Items Sellable For 0 Adena

Safe Enchant: 5
Maximum Enchant: 12
Maximum Enchant (NPC Enchanter): 15
Normal Scroll Enchant Rate: 60%
Blessed Scroll Enchant Rate: 100%
Maximum Attribute Level: 4
Attribute Stones Rate: 100%
Attribute Crystals Rate: 0%
Attribute Jewels Rate: 0%
Top Augmentation Rate: 60%

Character Instant Level: 85
Maximum Subclass: 3
Buff Slot: 34
Dances/Songs Slot: 16
Maximum Fame Points
Maximum Accuracy/Evasion: 200
Maximum P.Attack Speed: 1500
Maximum M.Attack Speed: 1999
Maximum Run Speed: 250
Karma Drop Rate: 40%
Character Delete: 24 Hours
Invalid Skill Check & Remove
Teleport Disabled For Players In Combat/Karma

[size=18pt]Olympiad Information[/size]

Period Duration: 1 Week
Opening Time: 18:00 (GMT + 2)
Closing Time: 24:00 (GMT + 2)
Teleport To Arena Time: 60 Seconds
Maximum Win/Loose Points: 10
Matches Announce Disabled
Minimum Participants: 5
Heroic Weapons Augmentable-Attributable
Heroic Weapon All Effects Working At Fixed Rate
Olympiad Token Shop Prices Edited

[size=18pt]Clan Information[/size]

Penalties Disabled
Fortress/Castle Fame Removed
Clan Skills Without Eggs
Blood Alliance Points: 0
Blood Oath Points: 0
Knight's Epaulette Points: 0
Leveling Up Members Requirement: 1
Members Number For War: 1
Alliance Maximum Size: 3

[size=20pt]Special Information[/size]

[size=18pt]Custom Restrictions-Protections[/size]

In Combat Teleport Restriction
In Combat Trade Restriction
In Combat Change/Add/Remove Sub-Class Restriction
All Sellable Items Cost 0 Adena
Non-Peace Zone Skill Enchantment Restriction
Drop Protection Disabled
Shout Chat Non-Support Classes Restriction: 35 PvP Points
Shout Chat Support Classes Restriction: 12 Hours Online Time

[size=18pt]Custom Farm & PvP Areas[/size]

[size=14pt]Easy-Safe Farm Area[/size]
Territory: East Fantasy Island
Situation: Peace Zone
Monsters Name: Golden Pig
Drops #1: 20-30M Adena [100%]

[size=14pt]Normal Farm Area[/size]

Territory: North (Second Floor) Pagan Temple
Situation: Protected By Guards Non Peace Zone
Monsters Name: Ragna Orc Archer & Warrior
Drops #1: 40-60M Adena [100%]
Drops #2: 1 Festival Adena [15%]

[size=14pt]Farm-PvP Area[/size]

Territory: Nermlis Garden
Situation: PvP Zone
Monsters Name: Castalia & Judgment Hound Dog
Drops #1: 85-110M Adena [100%]
Drops #2: 1 Festival Adena [50%]
On Enter Message With Current Players In Zone
All Blessed Scroll Of Escape Disabled
Reward On Every PvP Kill: 125 Fame Points
Support Classes Reward PtVsPt: (Depends Pt Members Count) Fame

[size=18pt]Custom Items & Items Modifications[/size]

Hero Weapons Augmentable
Hero Weapons Attributable
{PvP} Items Attributable
{PvP} Items Augmentable
{PvP} Items Tradable
7th Anniversary High Five Cloaks [500Hp, 300Cp, 150Mp, +30 All Attributes]

[size=18pt]Other Special Features[/size]

Enchanting Item Below Safe Enchant, Item Becomes +5
Enchanting Attribute, Item Gets Full Element With 1 Stone
Buffs Returning System (20 Seconds, Doesn't Affect Olympiad)
PvP Color Title (100 200 300 500 1000)
HopZone & TopZone Vote Reward
Maximum Skill Enchant: +15

[size=18pt]Custom Commands[/size]

.tvtjoin - .tvtleave (Join - Leave TvT Registration)
.changepassword (Changes Password Account)
.deposit - .withraw (Exchanges Adena For Gold Bars)
.buffshield (Enable/Disable Buff Protection)

[size=20pt]Custom NPC Information[/size]

[size=14pt]| Global Gatekeeper | Custom Shop | Scheme Buffer |[/size]

[IMG width=100 height=150]http://i.imgur.com/DhpXAiL.png[/img][IMG width=100 height=150]http://i.imgur.com/XCUB1hJ.png[/img][IMG width=100 height=150]http://i.imgur.com/SRs3Dgp.png[/img]
[size=8pt]NOTE: Solo Zone Teleport is under construction![/size]

[size=14pt]| Custom AIO Npc |[/size]

[img width=100 height=150]http://i.imgur.com/xXXHdCI.png[/img][img width=100 height=150]http://i.imgur.com/RZE3vgO.png[/img]
• Enchant: Allows you to enchant your items from +12 to +15 with mouse coins.
• {PvP} Effect: Allows you to add {PvP} Sa effect to your items with fame.
• Bug Report: Allows you to make a bug report when GM's are offline.
• Warehouse: Allows you to use your warehouse.
• Augment/De-augment: Allows you to use add/remove lifestones.
• Nobless: Allows you to get Nobless Status easy.
• Top Online/PvP/Pk: Allows you to get informed about top players.
• Clan Rep.: Allows you to buy clan reputation (50k Rep. Points = 1 Silver Undine).
• Draw/Remove Dyes: Allows you to manage character symbols.
• Rem. Attribute: Allows you to remove attributes from your items.
• Donate Items: Allows you to see donate items.
• Donate Info: Allows you to get informed about donation rules & prices.

[size=18pt]Lineage II Dodge Official Website: www.L2Dodge.eu[/size]
[size=18pt]Lineage II Dodge Official Forum: www.L2Dodge.eu/forum[/size]
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L2dodge [Freya PvP Server]
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