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 [L2J High-Five]L2Demonic 20x Grand Opening on January 24!

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MensajeTema: [L2J High-Five]L2Demonic 20x Grand Opening on January 24!   Mar Ene 14, 2014 11:02 am


In a land of myth, and a time of demons, the destiny of a Great Kingdom rests on the shoulders of a great king, are you good enough to be this king?
L2 Demonic is a brand new server similar to the game Lineage II. We got the best files around the Lineage II world. Our server is based on a lot of tests and researches based on Lineage II, in order to provide an astonishing and unique experience from the game that you will never find in other server. Also we have one of the best DDoS and BOT protections even anti clicker

General information about the project L2Demonic.com

Chronicle: High Five Part 5
Opening Date: January 24, 2014 at 19:00 Germany time (GMT +1)
Open Beta Testing: January 13, 2013 at 18.00 Germany time (GMT +1)

Website: www.l2demonic.com
Forum : www.l2demonic.com/forum
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lineage2demonic

Experience : x20
Skill Points: x20
Adena: x15
Drop: x5 (Recs-Keys 1x)
Spoil: x5
Quest Drop: x1-x3
Quest Reward: x1
Rate Extract Fish: x5
Manor: x5
Weight: x5
Safe Enchant: 3
Max Enchant: 16
Normal Scroll Enchant Rate: 55%
Blessed Scroll Enchant Rate: 65%
Element Stone Rate: 40%
Element Crystal Rate: 30%

Server, Site and Forum Time GMT+1
Buffs, Dances and songs Duration 2 hours
Buff Slots 24 (+4 Divine Inspiration)
Dance and Songs Slots 12
Max. Clients per PC 4
Sieges and TWs every weekend to promote more pvp and more fun!
2 Weeks Olympiad : eevery 1st and 15th of the month there will be new heroes.
Olympiads Max Enchant +6
Anti-Bot (New Unique System)
Sub-Class without quest, Max sub Level 85
Class Master 1st class 50k, 2nd class 1kk, 3rd class 50kk
Off-line Shop mode
Auto Learn Skills
Auto Learn Loot
.cfg command
Champions System
Wedding System

Grand Raid boss information

Epic Respawns:
Ant Queen - 24 +- 4 hours
Baium - 5 days +- 8 hours
Antharas 11 days +- 8 hours
Valakas 11 days

L2Demonic NPC's:
Global Gatekeeper.
GM Shop Up to S-Grade Weapons, Armors, Jewels.
Alt+b Community Buffer - All buffs: PP,SE,EE,WH,WC,OL,BD,SWS,Cats without kamael, includes schemes addiing/removing, full CP/HP/MP heal. All buffs are free of charge.
Event Shop Exchange your event currency for useful items.
Shadai Ishuma Lahm Placed on Giran and Aden to service your requests!
Merchant of Mammon Blacksmith of Mammon Placed on Giran and Aden to service your requests!
Jack Sage Event-NPC Jack Sage located in most Towns, that offers you every 6 hours vitality buff.
PC Bang Point Strategist Lucien with PC Bang point exchange system in Giran!
Item Broker Item Auctions with balanced items configured to Vesper Noble Armors/Vesper Weapons no SA/Vesper Jewels/Crystals 15-16, NOT Vorpals/Elegia .

Available Voiced Commands
.cfg: Various personal settings.
.whoami: More information about your character.
.clan Open Clans Menu
.getreward : you can use this command every 12 hours after you voted in all our banners.
.online: Use this command to see how many online players.
.offline: Use this command when you have private store/manufacture to go in offline mode
.repair: Use this command with an other char of the same account,It will fix you crashed character instantly.
.engage: (Wedding mod) Engages the targeted player.
.divorce: (Wedding mod) You divorce with your partner, You will pay a tax for it.
.lock : Bind your IP or HWid
.gotolove: (Wedding mod) Teleports you to your couple.
.report : command to report bots.

Dedicated & Gameserver Protections:
[color=beige]LameGuard - Antibot Protection
Unique Anti-Bot System
Web Server DDoS Protection
GameServer DDoS Protection
Intel Xeon E5-1620
4x 3.60 GHz
6x 120 GB SSD
1 Gbps link
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[L2J High-Five]L2Demonic 20x Grand Opening on January 24!
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