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 Lineage 2 High Five NEW Server!

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Fecha de inscripción : 09/02/2015

MensajeTema: Lineage 2 High Five NEW Server!   Lun Feb 09, 2015 2:48 pm

We are going to start our Low Rate Server on 15th February 2015 at 18:00.

There will be some Events:
- Clan Event- first 3 clans with 40 online will receive 5 clan level and 10kk Adena.
- Quiz Event- Answer a question and have a LEVEL UP!
- Lost money- Where have I left my 1kk adena? Find it!
- And a lot more!

Don't forget to like our funpage on facebook to receive 1kk Adena.
Server features:

Massive Network Rates

2x Exp
2x SP
3x Adena
68% Enchant Rates
20% Party Exp/SP Bonus

Massive Network Features

New Geodata system
A lot of events (not only TvT, bleh...)
Automated Remote Backups Daily, so there is no chance of any data loss!
Auto Learn Skills (excluding forgotten scrolls)
Wedding Priest at Giran
Subclass quest needed
Retail Buff Slots
Retail weight limit for characters
Retail Buff Duration
Retail Olympiad
Retail clan system with working clan skills and apella armors
Alliances consist of a maximum of 3 clans
100% working Sieges - Fortress Siege (DragonSpine, etc.)
100% of the skills are working
100% working Instances
Spawn Protection
DAILY Updates if needed- Active Development
Respect to our community
Active GMs
NO LAG - Restarts daily at 4:00 a.m. GMT
99,86% Uptime (just 2 minutes of downtime at 4:00 a.m. for restart)

And even more, join and find out!
Massive Network Hardware

Our Server is located in France, Europe
Intel Xeon W3520 4 cores / 8 threads 2.66 GHz+
2x2TB SATA 3 Disks in Raid 1
250mbps Uplink Public Connection
Linux (64 bit)
OVH Anti-DDoS Protection

Server site: http://massivenetwork.eu

What is Massive Network?

Massive Network will be a very big servers network of Lineage II and other games.
We start with low rate High Five Lineage II server, but we will improve to have a mid and a high rate servers, then we will start to work with other games (i.e. WoW, Aion, Counter Strike, Minecraft, ect.).

What is Long-term Promise?

The Long-term promise is our commitment to stay alive for at least 1 year* from Grand Opening, even with no donations. That proves our willingness to have a profesional servers network. It will be the sign for players that they can trust us and play for a long time.

Is it legal?

Massive Network is registered with my name in UK and pays taxes even from donations. We use The L2 Reunion files which are 100% legal and are being improved everyday.

Why Massive Network?

Because we are 100% legal, our servers are in France which provides us better pings than Russian's servers. We will have European Community so no Cyrillic in global chat.

Is that everything?

Of course, not. We will not spend your donations on our goods. We will invest in the future of Massive Network. Each month the best players and clans will be rewarded with real rewards (i.e. real Lineage II gadgets, money**, etc.). We are open to any creative suggestions that will help our improvement.

Is anything ready now?

Low Rate Server is now under closed beta tests, you can join here.

How to join the Massive Network Team?

If you are webmaster, graphic designer or you would like to be an event or support GM please send the application to: admin@massivenetwork.eu (Polish or English only please)

*) We are not responsible for hacker's attack and other parties actions. Our Servers are Anty-DDoS protected.
**) Real money to spend on Massive Network Servers.
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Lineage 2 High Five NEW Server!
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